Smart - Laurastar

Laurastar Smart is an innovative ironing system combining an iron, a steam generator and an ironing board which inflates to prevent creases. Using Bluetooth, this world’s first connected ironing system interacts with a smartphone app; a coach for acquiring expert ironing skills in a fun way. Thanks to a built-in sensor that captures movements and no more temperature setting, ironing has never been as intuitive. Steam is released automatically for perfect results on all fabrics. Designed in detail, Laurastar Smart offers lots of features such as a rubber compartment for safely storing the iron and a height adjustable board. For more information, please visit


Hobo - e7°

Hobo is a mini stove to cook outdoor using as less wood as possible. Just grab a few dry branches and you can start boiling water, cook some vegetables or even grill a piece of meat. Made of aluminium elements, Hobo is lightweight and comes flat packed in a fancy cover allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go. Available at


Shad - Parkhaus Berlin

Series of pot mats made of high quality wool felt and imitating shadows of frying pans or cooking pots. Available in 3 different shapes and 32 colours, these items are both useful and decorative meaning they will probably always remain centred on the table. (Products designed together with Sébastien Bertrand)


mm - Article Design

In order to measure something precisely, you will need a good graduation. That doesn’t mean it has to be strict and boring especially on a ruler intended to be used by children, students and young professionals. MM is a project where graduations are turned in something representative such as a highway, a grass field or a great firework. (Products designed together with Sébastien Bertrand)