Celerina Table - Reinhard Selection

At first sight, you can see Celerina is a high quality dining table. A solid oak board, manufactured with fine cabinetwork details, is mounted on four tilt legs. After releasing a leather security strap, and thanks to hydraulic assistance, the table top opens and transforms the dining table into a modern home office desk. Ideal for working with a laptop, this desk offers cable management, storage space and a magnetic board as options. This design is an innovative answer to a current trend; people have growing possibilities to work from home without necessarily having a dedicated room.


Celerina Shelving System - Reinhard Selection

Shelving system based on two types of modules; sheet metal elements are assembled to horizontal solid oak boards, allowing the user to create any desired compositions. Thanks to a clamping effect, the connection requires no mounting tool or screws and ensures the piece of furniture is strong and durable. The metal parts offer different functions such as partition, bookend or even closed storage space with flap door.


Cassetta - Reinhard AG Sachseln

This bath furniture series shows a refined integration of solid oak boxes in pretty conventional pieces of furniture. Either, inserted frontally in a cabinet door, the vertical box, like an alcove in a wall, is ideal to store cosmetic or shampoo bottles. Or, when placed atop a chest of drawers, the removable flat container is then better to store accessories such as brushes, towels, soap and so on.


Bookshow - écal

In an office, Bookshow is the shelf that stores the most important books. Needing some information, references or whatever, just take the proper book and consult it directly from the lectern which is built into the side of this piece of furniture. Designed in three different lengths and varied colours, these elements out of painted aluminium will also perfectly fit in libraries, shops and at home.