After studying and experimenting at the renowned University of Arts and Design in Lausanne (écal), Damien Regamey gained experience by working in different design studios in Switzerland for about 10 years. Leading projects for international brands such as Nestlé, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and Raiffeisen, he built up a serious know-how in industrial design covering every steps of a project: from marketing briefings, sketches, illustrations, CAD 3D conception, renderings, feasibility studies and industrialization. Since 2012, he has been working in the furniture industry and leads the design department at Reinhard AG.
Eager to discover new challenges, Damien Regamey founded in summer 2015 his own design agency called “Damien Regamey Industrial Design”. Located in Biel/Bienne, it is strategically central in Switzerland and situated in a bilingual area allowing easy exchanges with French and German speaking companies.
Being passionate for creative processes, Damien Regamey keeps on being involved in different art projects.


How we work

Design Team

We are industrial designers with great aptitude for multidisciplinary projects. We love to team up with other experts in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Design Observation

Observation is generally the start of a project. It leads us to point out problems and discover potential fields of work for innovative solutions.



We quickly understand the ins and outs of a project. Through brainstorming, we establish good concepts which will be developed with best in class modern tools such as PTC Creo Parametric.

Passion for Design

We are passionate about what we do. Through our designs, we communicate our passion not only to our clients but also to the end users with whom we share our interests.

Design drafts

We strongly believe in experimentation, as artists do. Making hand drawings, do-it-yourself creations, experiments with materials etc... are different processes that helps us finding the right shape. Thus, we keeps our designs in good hands.


Like playing dice, we play around with ideas and concepts. Sometimes trying the impossible, sometimes making mistakes and learning from them leads us to a great creativity.


Design Awards

As a result of the quality and originality of our projects, we regularly get design awards such as the “If Design Award”, the “Red Dot Design Award“, the “Volvo Sports Design Award“ and the “Swiss Federal Design Award“.




Our world keeps turning that means evolving. Some people would say for the better, others complain that we are driving into a wall. At „ Damien Regamey Industrial Design“, we are optimistic and we love changes because they force us to reinvent ourselves and the beautiful world we live in.
Because products are mirrors of habits, mind and taste, we explore how people constantly change. We like to question them and their way of living, working and so on... How will they nowadays use this or that product? Is this product or concept still valid or should we better anticipate and find updated or maybe even futuristic ideas?
Rethinking is how we call our way of working. This method showed good results in most fields we are working for, such as industrial machines, domestic appliances, furniture, accessories and lifestyle. Even for a redesign of an existing product, mixing a drop of rethinking helps creating a new version, just with the innovative touch that nobody expected.